Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Mazee Review

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Mazee Review

It’s Literally A-Maze-BallsI was drawn to the Orbee Tuff Mazee toy by Planet Dog as it had an original design and combines a treat dispenser with a 3D puzzle maze. It was a stand out compared to generic dog treat dispensers in that the dog would really have to work at it to figure out how to get the treats out and as ...

What Is a Puzzle Dog Toy

A puzzle dog toy engages your dog’s senses and problem-solving skills. There are many puzzle toys ranging from a ball that dispenses treats after precise movements to food-hiding blocks that dogs have to lift or slide. Each dog puzzle was designed with a specific solution that rewards dogs with treats or foods.

Are Puzzle Toys Good for Dogs?

Puzzle toys are great for dogs! The time required to solve a series of problems can help slow your dog’s eating if that is an issue. Dog puzzles are also particularly good at giving your dog plenty of mental exercises, as long as the task doesn’t exceed its skill levels. These toys can also curb your dog’s boredom by keeping them busy for long periods with plenty of delicious motivation. This also helps if you are busy as well and can help stimulate the dog while you are away, providing entertainment and lowering anxiety in your dog.

Get Easy Dog Puzzles First

Buy the easier, more accessible puzzle toys first to allow your dogs to get used to problem-solving routines and being rewarded as a result. Dropping an advanced puzzle onto your dog from the get-go can cause them to get frustrated or bored from not being able to complete tasks, resulting in a loss of interest. Easy puzzles require minimal effort to access the rewards, while more complicated puzzles require complex actions to be performed. Some of the more challenging puzzle dog toys need your dog to accomplish multiple tasks in a certain order which could be a bit much for first-timers and puppies. Test your dog accordingly and let the fun begin!


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