It All Began With Eli

Getting my first dog has been a life changing experience and one that I cherish every day. Eli, a German Rottweiler, entered my life and has been a fur bundle of joy ever since. I got Eli at the age of 9 months, still very much a puppy and a never-ending ball of energy and a growing, teething power chewer.

Keeping Eli’s chewing needs satisfied has always been a challenge and although he is older now it is still a big part of his breed and personality. It became really apparent when he was still growing or left alone for extended periods. Unfortunately he came from an abusive home as well so he had a lot of anxiety for the first year.

If the chew toys he had were not built well he would find a way to wreck them and move on to the next, or worse, destroy something in the house that wasn’t a toy. Many items fell victim to this: an electric toothbrush, remote controls, shoes, socks & clothes, handles; the list goes on and on.

Finding the right toys to curb the destruction of additional household items was a challenge in itself. Sure, there were many so-called “durable”, “tough”, “indestructible”, “heavy duty” toys as claimed on the packaging but the more toys I got the less reliable I thought these guarantees were and let Eli do the testing.

Chew Test is Born

After having gone through dozens of dog toys it became obvious that many chew toys fall apart and a lot of that happens in the first day or even first hour. What’s worse is that it can leave a big mess of rubber, fluff & thread which can be a safety hazard if swallowed, ingested or choked on which is even more dangerous if you’re not at home supervising your dog.

Then there is the frustration that you no longer have a toy, have quickly lost some hard-earned money and now have to drive back to the pet store and pick up another dog toy and the process starts over again.

With this website we aim to take the guess work out of buying durable and long-lasting toys for dogs. We understand that not all toys for dogs are made to last forever and there is still something to be said about toys that are meant to be fun for a short while. In our reviews we’ll look at all these aspects but ultimately with a focus on quality so that you and your dog will have an enjoyable experience with your new toys.

Chew Test