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Nerf Dog Medium Tennis Ball Blaster Review

Nerf Dog Medium Tennis Ball Blaster Review

A Nerf Blaster For Dogs? Yes, Please! The Nerf Dog Ball Launcher is a toy gun designed to launch fetch balls at the press of a trigger. It comes with two felt Nerf tennis balls with squeakers in them. Fun Factor Cocking and shooting the nerf ball blaster has a nice sound and feels satisfying. Given that this is ...

Dog Ball Launchers Are Fun for Everyone

A dog ball launcher is a must-have for your dog toy collection, especially if your dog is a fetch maniac. These toys were designed to maximize your dog’s fetch playtime by lowering arm fatigue or being completely automated. Dog ball shooters are popular with children because they share similarities with some of their toys. An automatic dog ball thrower may require some training to work well. Although once your dog knows what to do, it can entertain itself for hours.

Dog Ball Shooters

These hybrid dog toys perfectly combine dog ball, fetch play, and trigger activation. They entertain children and dogs while easing arm fatigue. The launch mechanism however can be a downside as cheaper options would have a high chance of breakages and malfunctions. As a first-time buyer, we recommend you try a cheap dog ball shooter that you won’t miss when it breaks down as a first purchase. You could then move on to a more solid, well-made branded one if you and your dog enjoyed the cheaper model.

Automatic Dog Ball Throwers

This toy is a dream come true for many owners, allowing their dogs to play fetch all on their own. Of course, you would first need to train your dog to play fetch properly. Then you would need to prepare your pooch to know where to put the ball and repeat the process a few times with treats. An automatic dog ball thrower can keep a fetch-obsessed dog busy for hours. The shooting mechanism is still vulnerable to breakages, but the risk is lower than other dog ball launchers.

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