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Whether your dog is a power chewer, teething, need-to-get-that-squeaker type or professional chew toy destroyer find good toys for dogs that are fun, safe and durable!
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What to Do When a Dog Has a Seizure

What to Do When a Dog Has a Seizure

Dog Seizure Definition and Causes Dog seizures are abnormal bursts of activity in the cerebral cortex located in the ...
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What You Didn’t Know About Dog Toys

What You Didn’t Know About Dog Toys

What You Didn’t Know About the Toughest Plush Dog Toys After our dogs destroyed yet another supposedly tough plush ...
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Why Do Dogs Need Toys

Why Do Dogs Need Toys

Are Dog Toys to Keep Dogs Busy? When it comes to dogs being dogs, having them rip apart a toy is much better than your ...

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Finding Good Toys For Dogs

We test dog toys so your dogs don’t have to! Chew Test is a place for dog lovers to find and share information on dog products, especially “tough” dog toys. We test all kinds of dog toys from puppy toys to dog puzzle toys to plush and squeaky toys. Even dog cameras get tested, and all toys for a dog will get the same treatment!

We created a practical and rigorous testing system to make sure every Chew Certified item is consistent in quality as well as performance. Our expert chewer, Eli the Rottweiler carries no bias or reservation. He’s a super chewer looking for the best dog toys that’ll give his dog teeth a good chewing time! If not, the toy will literally rest in pieces. No toys or products are spared.

What are the Best Toys for a Dog?

Chew Test collects data on the best and toughest toys for a dog. Every dog toy we test gets a score based on criteria but ultimately either fails or passes the chew test and the exceptional ones are rewarded with a Chew Test Certified badge. Every one of our dog toy reviews give you exactly the info you need to make an informed decision based on quality & durability, fun factor, value, and safety.

Sorting Through the Fluff So You Don’t Have To

Indestructible dog toys are generally never completely indestructible. If they were, your dogs would end up with nothing but shattered teeth and a whole lot of bad times at the vet. However, seeing your investment and hard-earned cash torn apart instantly is frustrating. You’d expect some amount of value out of your dog toy purchases. To make matters worse chunks, fluff, strands, and a whole bunch of hazards can be created in the process that threatens the health of your beloved dogs.

This is where Chew Test come in! A healthy dog toy collection consists of MUST HAVES that can last for months and even years. We hunt for those great buys, test them to bits (literally) and present our findings so you don’t have to and save you some money and buyer’s remorse. There should also be a place for toys that WILL get destroyed, we help you so that the destruction becomes something you are prepared for, not something that is out of control. As they say: sometimes it is good to just let your dog be a dog. If your dogs are going to completely rip a toy apart you’ll feel much better knowing what to expect.

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Any purchases through our affiliate links keeps Chew Test going and supports Eli the Rottweiler’s eternal quest for the best dog toys. If you have any recommendations for toys to test out we’d love to know! Send us a message on Instagram @chewtest

We appreciate your support, and we work hard to make sure you and your dogs are happy with great playtime for years to come! If you enjoy our content feel free to support our Patreon and follow us on socials!

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