Tall Tails Whale With Squeaker Review

October 18, 2022

A Beautiful Whale of a Mess

The Tall Tails line of plush dog toys are works of art compared to standard plush toys on the market that most of the time look like they were made for kids. This whale is no different but how did it hold up in the storm that is Eli the rottweiler?

Fun Factor

Both Eli and I were really excited to play with this toy. It has a great look and textured fabric similar to corduroy and mimics the shape of a sperm whale rather well. It also has a good medium firmness to it as they didn’t skimp on the filling. To top it all of it had a decent quality squeaker on the inside.

Quality & Durability

Before the inevitable destruction of this plush toy the whale few happy days at sea. The fabric held up nicely and to this day I still have the shell of the whale which Eli and I will play tug with. That deserves some recognition as many cheaper fabrics would just shred to bits. This fabric is actually quite tough but as with all plush toys its downfall is the stitching. Once Eli felt it was time to “get the squeaker” he surgically got a seam apart and the whale squeaked its last squeak.


With all plush toys that can put out a pile of fluff this toy is no different. Eventually this toy will break down and fluff will come out of it as well as a small standard squeaker.

Indoor: This toy can be tossed around without too much concern as it is fairly light and soft.

Outdoor: I would not recommend bringing this toy beautiful whale outside as the fabric will definitely catch a lot of dirt with its texture.


Surprisingly this toy lasted almost a week which is a lot longer than the average plush toy. However at almost $30 at my local pet store it is hard to justify spending the extra money for something that is only a little bit more durable than an average plush toy.

Final Thoughts

As far as plush toys go it was one of the nicest looking plush toys we’ve had in our collection. The fact that it didn’t look like it was for a toddler was refreshing and would have loved it had it stayed in one piece. Unfortunately it became a turfed whale sooner than that I would have liked. Recommended for mild-mannered or  medium sized dogs at best.

Overall Score

6.8Expert Score

The Tall Tails Whale plushie has a beautiful design with excellent fabric and dense stuffing with a quality large squeaker. The stitching is prone to failure however as with most plush toys.

Fun Factor
Quality & Durability
  • Fun design and feel
  • Above average squeaker
  • Tough yet soft fabric
  • Weak seam stitching
  • Pricey for a plush toy

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