Kong Wobbler Review

September 13, 2022

The Wobbler That Keeps on Giving

The treat dispenser by Kong has a weighted base that keeps it upright just like those inflatable clown you can punch. Would this actually be fun for a dog or would my dog want to just punch it in frustration?


Fun Factor

Initially my dog Eli did not know what to do with the Kong Wobbler and how to get the treats out of it. It had treats in it however so that was enough motivation for him and as they say “where there is a will there is a way”.

The first few sessions Eli would push it over on its side because by having it on its side it would randomly drop treats. On its side however it will only drop a few treats if the hole is not facing down for gravity to drop treats out. We both had our doubts that this toy would work out. Over time however my dog would slowly understand the physics of the toy and how to line up the treat dispensing opening. Watching him learn and grow was certainly gratifying, and you can tell he enjoys the challenge and stimulation of it all when I load up the dispenser with dog food.

Quality & Durability

The wobbler treat dispenser is made of a hard plastic shell that unscrews in the middle so that you can quickly load it with food or treats. As with most Kong toys you’d expect the product to hold up well and be an indestructible treat dispenser. After being pushed and thrown around, picked up in a jaw, clawed at, fallen down stairs the Kong Wobbler has held up very well all things considered and only has some minor scratches and gouges.


Since this is a closed unit and made of hard, durable plastic there isn’t anything to fall apart or to choke on. Also since the toy needs to be on its side with the hole pointed toward the floor for the food to fall out so it is highly unlikely your dog would choke on a treat coming out of it.

Indoor: With its smooth surface this toy will slide around hard floors quite a bit. Your dog will push it around so be aware of what is at ground level that it can knock over or get stuck under.

Outdoor: As a treat dispenser it is not recommended to be outside in the elements. Asides from tracking dirt in the dispenser hole it will also added more wear and tear to the exterior shell.


While this is a bit on the pricier side compared to more generic treat dispensers it is well designed and built to last. I don’t have any worries about this toy falling apart any time soon. It also provides entertainment and stimulation for my dog for a good amount of time.

Final Thoughts

In a pinch it really helps the dog’s boredom or anxiety when I’m busy with work or need to leave the house for a few hours. With the large reservoir and well-built design, I know I can always rely on filling this dispenser up and will give my dog some fulfilment for the day.  This comes in handy when the weather outside is not safe or favorable to walk your dog and can provide them with a mental challenge that rewards them with food.


Overall Score

9.4Expert Score

The dog treat dispensing Kong Wobbler effectively dispenses kibble over a prolonged period of time and challenges the dog in the process. Fun, increases mental stimulation and lowers anxiety.

Fun Factor
Quality & Durability
  • Very durable design
  • Large cavity fits a lot of food
  • Good for boredom and anxiety
  • Outer shell may scratch over time
  • Treat size limited to smaller treats

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