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How Dog Bakery Became So Popular

It Started With the First Dog Bakery in the WorldDan Dye and Mark Beckloff started Three Dog Bakery in 1989 as a home-based business, it was the first dog bakery in the world. They opened a commercial kitchen in 1991 known as KC-K9 Bakery. The second store was soon opened in 1994 and the first ...

What Are Bad Food for Dogs

We Eat Bad Food for Dogs Every Day Did you know that sometimes, a small bite of certain foods we usually eat can send our dogs straight to a pet emergency hospital? However, it is not always the owner's fault when that happens. Most people don’t even recognize some bad food for dogs. For example, ...

Best Food for Dogs in Your Kitchen

The Healthiest Foods for Dogs Is Already in Your Kitchen We all want our furry friends to go grow up healthy and strong. The best food for dogs is essential for that growth. Unfortunately, we tend to forget the food in our fridge or pantry when it comes to dog food. We’re forced to focus on the ...

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon

Is Watermelon Good for Dogs? If you are asking: can dogs eat watermelon, then the answer is a definite yes. Your dog and watermelons should become best friends in the summer! Though watermelon is high in sugar and should be fed to your dog in moderation. On the other hand, it also hydrates your dog ...

What Is Dog Separation Anxiety

How To Recognize Dog Separation Anxiety Separation anxiety describes dogs as usually overly attached or dependent on their owners. When separated from owners, they spend all their time following owners from room to room while rarely spending time outdoors and alone. The anxiety begins to display ...

Which Plants Are Toxic to Dogs

Where to Learn About Poisonous Plants for Dogs Many household plants are toxic to our beloved pooch, and it is our job to know most of them. The most reliable information on the subject comes from the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). They have an extensive database ...

How to Make a Dog First Aid Kit

Dog First Aid Kits are Important A first aid kit is a necessity in any home or workplace. However, a dog emergency kit can be underrated or overlooked altogether. Our beloved dogs deserve to have one prepared in cases of injuries, allergies, or other unexpected situations. Let us show you how to ...

Why Do Dogs Need Toys

Are Dog Toys to Keep Dogs Busy? When it comes to dogs being dogs, having them rip apart a toy is much better than your leather sofa. A good part of why dogs need toys is so that they can chew on things other than upholstery or other furniture. While boredom can always play a factor let’s dig a ...

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