Dog Grooming Supplies Everyone Needs

February 16, 2024

Why You Need a Dog Grooming Kit

Owning a dog is a big responsibility. Grooming your dog is just as important as feeding it and keeping it healthy. Dog grooming is a combination of daily, weekly and monthly routines that can be as easy as a quick wipe or a lengthy shower and drying session. We’re here to help you with a list of the most essential dog grooming supplies. These are the must-haves dog grooming tools and products you’ll use to keep your dog in tip-top shape.

Quintessential Items in Your Dog Grooming Kit

Brush – Dogs shed; it is a natural part of their bodily function. A proper brush in combination with other tools like a deshedder and a dematting rake will help keep your dog’s coat neat and tidy. It also helps with reducing the amount of fur scattered throughout your house by collecting them before they have a chance to fall out. There are different brushes that suit different dog breeds and coat types. Make sure you get one that is designed for your pooch, ask a vet or a professional groomer if you don’t know how to properly choose them. As far as dog grooming supplies go, brushes are one of the most important items to have.

Here’s a friendly tip; brush your dog before showering. That will stop tangles and mats in your dog’s coat from developing into larger clumps.

Shampoo – Dogs are very good at finding dirty and smelly things. They are even better at smearing those things all over themselves. No one wants a smelly, dirty dog in their house and dog shampoo is the solution. Human shampoo is usually acidic and that isn’t good for your pooch. Look for a shampoo that’s made from natural ingredients and neutral pH (that will be a pH of 7 if you didn’t already know). It will keep your dog clean without stripping essential oils from its coat.

Dog Dryer – This dog grooming tool is more important than you think. Poorly dried fur is a common cause of yeast infection. This is especially true for dogs with longer and/or thicker coats as they are more challenging and time-consuming to dry. Human dryer gets too hot and is generally very loud which can cause distress in some dogs. It also wasn’t designed to collect fur; a feature that you will appreciate when you see the amount of fur collected after drying. One last advantage of a dog dryer is that it dries dogs much faster compared to a human dryer. That means you save energy, time and cause your dog less distress as you’ll spend less time drying.

Ear Cleanser – On top of improperly dried fur, moisture in a dog’s ear is also a common cause for yeast infection. Water gets trapped inside a dog’s ear canal easily because of the way it is shaped. If you are not careful with your shower head, a nice shower can turn into an ear issue for your pooch later in the week. Regular ear cleaning can deal with trapped moisture and help detect issues in your dog’s ears at an early stage. Visit your vet and get their advice on ear cleaners, you’ll most likely end up with something that the vet is already using which is great.

Nail Clipper – Many owners are not comfortable with clipping their dog’s nails at home, especially owners of dogs with black nails. This is understandable, clipping the quick (the pinkish part inside the nails that has blood vessels and nerves) can be painful for your dog and the excessive bleeding makes it even worse. After a bad experience like that, your dog can become resistant to nail clipping, making later clipping sessions a hassle.

Clip off a little at a time and get someone else to hold your dog still if necessary. Always have a small container of Styptic powder around, this powder stops nail bleeding within seconds. Put a good amount on your fingertip and push it up against the bleeding nail and your dog will thank you for it.

Grooming Wipes – You wouldn’t want to shower your dog too often, the essential oil that helps keep your dog’s coat healthy and shiny won’t have time to rebuild. Grooming wipes are perfect for small cases of odor, dirtiness and eye boogers that don’t call for a full shower. Make sure the solution in the wipes is gentle and never touch the immediate area around your dog’s eyes with the wipes. Think of this dog grooming supply as baby wipes for your dog, it is just as useful with its long shelf life.

Toothbrush & Toothpaste – Your vet will most likely recommend a daily brushing routine for your dog’s teeth, but we know that’s asking a bit much. Weekly brushing should suffice if you are being thorough. Just remember to start brushing as soon as you get your dog, especially if it is a pup. Your dog will become less resistant over time, and you won’t have to deal with a strong, large dog that’s fighting you from start to finish while you try to clean its teeth. Try a different combination of toothbrush and toothpaste, each dog has their own preferences for brush texture and paste taste.

Optional Dog Grooming Tools:

Dog Clipper
– There are some areas of fur on your dog that should be removed or kept short. Hair that is in the way of your dog’s potty routine is one of them. Another is the bottom of your dog’s paws as fur in this zone quickly becomes breeding grounds for bacteria, yeast and other nasty things. Dog clippers can help you quickly keep this fur short and neat. Human clippers are usually loud with no dog-specific safety designs. Don’t forget that the cords could entangle your pooch if your dog is resistant to clippers and constantly moves around. This makes wireless dog clippers very useful for uncomfortable and stubborn dogs.

There Are More Items in a Dog Grooming Kit

These aren’t the end-all, be-all items for home dog grooming supplies. They are the most important because they’re used very often or they’re a necessary part of regular dog grooming routines. The variety of brushes alone could have you researching for days before you find the perfect one that suits your dog. Your vet as well as professional dog groomers will be able to direct you to other useful dog grooming tools and supplies as well as how to choose them. Now go on and make your dog the cleanest, most beautiful dog ever!

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