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Furbo Dog Camera Review

Watch Your Dog and Home with Furbo

The Furbo dog camera comes fully loaded with a camera, treat dispenser, sound notifications, night vision and even a handy night light. It certainly has a lot to offer for you and your dog as well as adding safety and security but does it live up to the hype? There’s a lot of features so let’s begin!

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Quality & Durability

One of the first things I noticed unboxing this product was the impressive build quality of the product. The use of durable plastics and real wood bamboo cover gaskets are very nice and slick. The weight of the dog gadget makes the unit feel solid and put together well. I am not worried that the Furbo will fall apart or screws will get loose or hear creaking plastic sounds.

The Furbo Dog Camera unit comes fully featured with attention to both design and functionality.

Video: The camera and video quality is good for what it needs to do. With a wide-angle lens and night vision the video feed is always ready to capture what is going on around the dog camera no matter what the conditions are.

Audio: The microphone and audio playback on the feed is nothing special but does the trick for picking up any important sounds like barking/howling and alarms.

Treat Launcher: The capacity is fairly good on this unit, around half a cup. It also has a good-sized launch tube, roughly the size of a quarter, so it can accommodate many different sized treats. The launcher also has decent range and can throw a dog treat several feet. It also plays a cute sound that warns the dog a treat is coming which the dog will become accustom to!

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Fun Factor

Having an interactive dog toy with a camera that is controlled by your phone from anywhere is always fun and endlessly entertaining. It can also be pair with Alexa which is a nice added feature to have Furbo throw dog treats instantly instead of loading up the app and video feed which can take a bit of time.

Cloud Storage & Dog Diary: If you subscribe for the Furbo Dog Nanny it will record any significant events and save them online for review at any time. It will also piece together highlights of your dog for the whole day and add music to it which are always fun to watch and post or share with friends!

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Right away, from the package design, presentation and unboxing it is clear that the makers behind Furbo wanted to create a high-end, modern long-lasting product that is not only stylish but also functional. As mentioned in the Quality section the build quality and materials used are high end and is very well built.

While the price tag may be a bit high there are often deals for the product. I was able to get a good sale price for Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend. While this is a relatively new product as far as dog electronics goes I feel like they are in a position to charge a premium based on all that was put into this unit and as competitors play catch up. Furbo is continually adding useful features and upgrades to their app and cloud services which also provides value.

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While it may be a steep initial investment what really sold me on this product is that it essentially doubles as a security camera for your house. With human detection, night vision and barking alerts the Furbo unit will always let you know if anything is going on at your house when you are away from home, at work, or on a different floor. It even has alarm detection that can detect if your fire alarm or CO2 alarm is going off.

For someone who lives at home alone and the dog is left alone for hours at a time, like while being at work, the Furbo makes a great home companion and can give you a real piece of mind knowing that you can always check in on your dog and the system will notify you if anything remotely suspicious is going on. For myself this was one of the main reasons for getting this dog accessory and it lives up to the claims.

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Initial Impressions

Unboxing the Furbo was a good experience, the packaging, design and manuals were all well thought out and was able to get connected in no time at all. Once connected however I was immediately disappointed with the video quality – even though I have very fast internet and connected with 5G Wi-Fi the video stuttered. Even at the lowest video setting the video would lag and also have problems connecting or dropping the wifi connection. It wasn’t until I updated the firmware on the Furbo the following day that I was able to correct this problem.

Note: Without this initial firmware update the video and internet connection was spotty, as a result I feel that this should be addressed for new users either by mentioning in the manual or done in the initial app setup. The app will notify you when a new update is release however which is good.

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Final Thoughts

After nearly a year of using the Furbo dog camera system I can say that it is definitely a game changer. It will put your mind at ease knowing that you can leave the dog at home and still have something watching over your pet as well as the inside of your home. Being able to feed your dog treats remotely is also a lot of fun and can help out when you are in a pinch and running late. Monitoring your dog and being able to communicate with the microphone can also help with lonely dogs and dogs with separation anxiety.

Note: Some of the alarm and notifications are part of Furbo Dog Nanny subscription service. Please review their latest info on this if this is important to you as it is updated constantly.

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Overall Score

9.1 Total Score

Quality & Durability
Fun Factor
  • Very well built, great design
  • Always on and doubles as security camera
  • Notifies you of fire alarms and CO2 alarms
  • Solid app design with regular updates
  • Some features requires paid subscription
  • Treats can jam or misfire
  • Limited Alexa commands
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