What You Didn’t Know About Dog Toys

June 3, 2022

What You Didn’t Know About the Toughest Plush Dog Toys

After our dogs destroyed yet another supposedly tough plush dog toy, we’ve all been there, cleaning up the fluff our dogs left behind. The conflicting feeling between trying to understand your mutt and your hard-earned money that just went to pieces. My dog destroyed all toys during his teething period too.

You either don’t know or may not consider that these indestructible soft dog toys were never meant to last. We’re here to let you in on an open secret: dog toys are meant to be destroyed and why it is important not to treat them like a durable garage tool. Doing so can hurt your dog mentally and physically in the long run.

Dogs Destroy Toys

It is that simple! Our beloved dogs need to be able to destroy toys. What’s essential is the safety of that process and your expectation of it. Certain dog toys are superior in durability and last longer than others. We suggest you set a budget for trying out a series of toys and expect them to get shredded within the first play session.

Each dog is unique; they have preferences regarding what they enjoy from a given toy. Having a disposable budget coupled with a realistic expectation will lower your disappointment and help you build a healthy relationship with your dog.

When you expect the toys to be destroyed, you will want to be there, making sure no choking or other hazards occur. Your dogs will most likely enjoy the company and attention, though we cannot speak for all dogs. As dog owners, we are responsible for keeping our dogs safe and happy. Knowing which toys can be left with our dogs unattended and which need supervision during play is part of that.

Over time, you will build a library of toys that got obliterated, most likely a photo album on your smartphone. At the same time, you will remember exactly which toys were resistant to chipping tearing and stayed in one piece. Dogs destroy toys, so let them do their thing and watch over them. Do not believe any label that has toughest plush dog toy or anything similar printed on them. Try them out on your own terms and enjoy the process with your dog.

When You Go Against the “Dog Toys Are Meant to Be Destroyed” Perspective

The next time you feel bad when your dog rips apart another toy, we recommend you do this simple thought experiment. Ask yourself this question: What will happen to my dog’s teeth if that indestructible soft dog toy I bought does last forever?

That would mean that the toy is stronger than your dog’s precious teeth, and we both know the outcome of that contest. You would not wish a single fractured tooth on the least favorite person you know. Imagine what horrible experiences your dog will go through if that happens just because it is a regular dog that likes chewing on things?

If you are following us so far, let us put a nail on this thought experiment. How much money would you have to invest when your dog needs professional veterinary dental help? Five, Ten or Twenty dog toys worth? Think about your dog’s pain and suffering before you notice the symptoms of their dental issues and during every visit to veterinary dental experts.

How to Safely Choose the Toughest Plush Dog Toys

The Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) is an organization that awards its seal of approval to exceptional pet products that have met its guidelines. They are the ones to trust regarding what is safe for your dog’s teeth. They also have resources that may help you pick out toys and other products.

The VOHC is owned and run by the American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC), the leading organization in pet dentistry certification. The information available in their animal owner resources section is valuable to all dog owners in taking better care of a dog’s oral hygiene and overall health.

I Support My Dog Destroying All Toys

With the advancement of material science and technology, top dog toy manufacturers are constantly improving their products through a balance of durability and safety. Let your dog toys be ravished and facilitate them with a proper budget, expectation, knowledge, and supervision.

Stay away from toys that do not readily bend. Always clean them after use with pet-safe products. Inspect all dog toys in your collection regularly and promptly dispose of damaged or faulty items. While letting your dog destroy toys and explore different options, remember that you can always donate those that your dogs don’t find attractive. It is never a waste of money; you are helping other less fortunate dogs find happiness with a safe and healthy dog toy!

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